This is the note from my last session — Attracting your dream client as a Freelancer on Avalon Scenes.

Every Freelancer wants to work with someone who can pay them their expected compensation, process advance before starting the work, and approve work in one go without multiple iterations.

Before I move ahead, let’s discuss what a dream client actually looks like and why we love to work with them.

  • You love their business and you genuinely respect their service/product.
  • You feel they can help you to upgrade to a…

“If deadlines didn’t exist, God would have ended up procrastinating Project Earth forever”

Deadlines are stressful but sometimes they work as the greatest inspiration to get things done. They work as catalysts for completing your task.⠀

Whenever I want to get things done, I set Deadlines.
Deadlines are #1 source of panic which literally pushes our best resources of the brain to work together in completing things in one go which would have taken ages to complete otherwise.⠀

A lot of you will relate to -⠀
✅ Studying and completing the whole 1-year syllabus of course in one night before the exam.⠀
✅ Finishing the…

Nisha Kumari

UI/UX Designer

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