“The ultimate Inspiration is the Deadline” — Nolan Bushnell

“If deadlines didn’t exist, God would have ended up procrastinating Project Earth forever”

Deadlines are stressful but sometimes they work as the greatest inspiration to get things done. They work as catalysts for completing your task.⠀

Whenever I want to get things done, I set Deadlines.
Deadlines are #1 source of panic which literally pushes our best resources of the brain to work together in completing things in one go which would have taken ages to complete otherwise.⠀

A lot of you will relate to -⠀
✅ Studying and completing the whole 1-year syllabus of course in one night before the exam.⠀
✅ Finishing the Final year project in just one night before the final submission date.⠀
✅ Delivering the client project just one hour before the delivery date.⠀

The only common thing in all of the above is the existence of a deadline. Deadline pushes our lazy brain to become hyperactive ailing which we would have to face severe consequences like Bad grades, or Loss of clients.⠀

I have used deadlines effectively to push myself in posting at a particular time on my Instagram account. Also, I use the same to delegate tasks to my interns.⠀

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